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This here is the eclectic blog of artist/illustrator Ellen Stedfeld, for a glimpse into my kooky mind and to see some of the many things I do. You may find it helpful to note that this originated in 2008 as a place to display galleries of my artwork (still temporarily viewable at right) but has gradually taken on a more blog-like form, and my current objective - now in the midst of 2014 and entering 2015 - is to make it be so!

Since I get too busy actually doing things to talk about them all, I apologize for any lapses or anomalies in chronology. If you really want to know what I'm up to, visit me at Carmine Street Comics or my next event. Otherwise, enjoy!

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Best Wedding Ever

July 2014

Why yes, that's a transformer in the foreground, holding their rings.

Spent this past Sunday helping at my friends Jon & Gaby's fantastic wedding, where we were quoted wise words from both Buddha and Mewtwo. The ceremony was casual, fun, and incredibly unique. To enhance their special day, they commissioned me and a few other artists to make pictures of their favorite things. Until I get some more photos up in here, this is what I made for them...

To greet the guests - Deadpool Jake and Mewtwo Finn

Don't go in without permission!

To encourage letting loose - an Adventure Time dance party!

To represent their children, who were unable to attend the celebration in person.

Portrait of the happy couple, in each other's favorite colors.