Howdy Partner!

This here is the eclectic blog of artist/illustrator Ellen Stedfeld, for a glimpse into my kooky mind and to see some of the many things I do. You may find it helpful to note that this originated in 2008 as a place to display galleries of my artwork (still temporarily viewable at right) but has gradually taken on a more blog-like form, and my current objective - now in the midst of 2014 and entering 2015 - is to make it be so!

Since I get too busy actually doing things to talk about them all, I apologize for any lapses or anomalies in chronology. If you really want to know what I'm up to, visit me at Carmine Street Comics or my next event. Otherwise, enjoy!

(My new and improving website is, and you can follow me on Twitter @ellesaur and Instagram @ellesaurarts)

About Me

I have the unique fortune of being a life-long Christian, Artist, and New Yorker. Raised on picture books, Saturday morning cartoons, and trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I gravitated towards the visual arts early on - and have continued pursuing that creative path to this day. Drawing has become such a vital activity that I carry a sketchbook wherever I go, both to practice my skill and share a bit of my enjoyment with others. While my focus is often illustrative story-based art, dovetailing narrative and image, my scope of creative works include portraiture, outdoor painting, figure sculpture, and photography. As I begin each project, I set out to see or try something new.

My relationship with God is the underlying motivation for my art, and all I do. I want to fully use the talents I have been given, and generate something people will respond to and be changed by. Art is truly meaningful when influences how you think, starts a conversation, or shows you another way of viewing the world.