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This here is the eclectic blog of artist/illustrator Ellen Stedfeld, for a glimpse into my kooky mind and to see some of the many things I do. You may find it helpful to note that this originated in 2008 as a place to display galleries of my artwork (still temporarily viewable at right) but has gradually taken on a more blog-like form, and my current objective - now in the midst of 2014 and entering 2015 - is to make it be so!

Since I get too busy actually doing things to talk about them all, I apologize for any lapses or anomalies in chronology. If you really want to know what I'm up to, visit me at Carmine Street Comics or my next event. Otherwise, enjoy!

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World Cup Excitement

July 2014

Who's been watching the World Cup lately? One of the most remarkable things about New York City is that everyone is rooting for a different team... especially out in Queens. Rudar Club, the bar where I draw portraits, was passing around shots for Croatia. A guy stilling next to me at The Barn wanted Columbia to win. At Sunday service, they're nearly praying for the success of Brazil. While the U.S. didn't last as long as I'd hoped, being part-German gave me a fortunate alternative.

During the last game, while making my way to join some friends, I kept catching bits and pieces blaring from the televisions of restaurants along the street, where clusters of people were glued to their screens. When the game ended (before entering overtime) the closest broadcast was completely in Spanish, but the people next to me - poking their heads out of the neighboring establishment - only spoke Chinese. I had to ask the bar-goers few doors down what had happened! Finally arrived at Raven's Head in time to see Germany score, and draw this scene.