Howdy Partner!

This here is the eclectic blog of artist/illustrator Ellen Stedfeld, for a glimpse into my kooky mind and to see some of the many things I do. You may find it helpful to note that this originated in 2008 as a place to display galleries of my artwork (still temporarily viewable at right) but has gradually taken on a more blog-like form, and my current objective - now in the midst of 2014 and entering 2015 - is to make it be so!

Since I get too busy actually doing things to talk about them all, I apologize for any lapses or anomalies in chronology. If you really want to know what I'm up to, visit me at Carmine Street Comics or my next event. Otherwise, enjoy!

(My new and improving website is, and you can follow me on Twitter @ellesaur and Instagram @ellesaurarts)

Hero Central InterDimensional Office (Art Show)

What's happening right now? Heroes & Villains group art exhibit at Ouchi Gallery! As your local representative/artist for Hero Central Headquarters, I can give you a free consultation and registration to become a hero (or villain - don't tell HC!) from Tues, November 25th - Sun, November 30th. So as I type this, you still have the rest of this weekend to visit and sign up! Gallery hours are 12-6pm, and therefore my "office hours" are about 1 or 2 until 5pm. Read through the files of famous heroes and the villains they've captured, and join the list yourself, as part of Hero Central's first efforts at setting up a temporary branch through the InterDimensional Outreach Program.

Ouchi Gallery's address is 170 Tillary Street, Suite 105 in Brooklyn, NY. Close to the Jay St-Metrotech and Borough Hall subway stops. See you very soon!