Howdy Partner!

This here is the eclectic blog of artist/illustrator Ellen Stedfeld, for a glimpse into my kooky mind and to see some of the many things I do. You may find it helpful to note that this originated in 2008 as a place to display galleries of my artwork (still temporarily viewable at right) but has gradually taken on a more blog-like form, and my current objective - now in the midst of 2014 and entering 2015 - is to make it be so!

Since I get too busy actually doing things to talk about them all, I apologize for any lapses or anomalies in chronology. If you really want to know what I'm up to, visit me at Carmine Street Comics or my next event. Otherwise, enjoy!

(My new and improving website is, and you can follow me on Twitter @ellesaur and Instagram @ellesaurarts)

Follow the Ellesaur at NY Comic Con 2014!

As usual, my blog can't keep up with my life! The most important thing to tell you about right now is that I've set up a "Follow the Ellesaur" scavenger hunt for New York Comic Con where you get to meet a bunch of amazing creators, collect their signatures/doodles, then find me for a small sketch prize.

More details will be posted on my main website - - but all your really need to get going is the flyer with names of participating creators. I'll be passing them out at the convention, but you can print your own right here, if the internet allows...